Architectural, Permitting, and Construction Services

At Oztan Studio, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to seamlessly bring your architectural dreams to life. Our three core services – Full Architectural Design, Permitting Services, and Construction Services – are crafted to guide you through each phase of the design and construction process. Whether you require one, two, or all three services, we’re here to ensure a smooth, integrated experience.

Full Architectural Design Services

From the first design concept to the final permit and construction drawings, the vision of your project will finally take shape through detailed drawings and 3D visualization.


Existing home survey/measurements

Zoning & Site Diagnosis

Conceptual Designs

3D Modeling

Coordination with Engineers & General Contractors

Material Selections

Detailed final design drawings

Permit Drawings (county ready)

Permitting Services

Navigating the complexities of permitting can be daunting. Our Permitting Services are designed to take the hassle out of this process.


Full Coordination with Local Authorities:

We handle all aspects of submitting permit drawings to your local city/county.

Experienced Guidance:

With a track record of successfully navigating dozens of designs through the permitting process, we ensure your project is submitted and approved efficiently.

Timely Project Advancement:

Our expertise in permit acquisition aims to get your project from design to construction as quickly as possible.

Construction Services

Our Construction Services are the final step in making your dream a reality. We offer comprehensive construction management to ensure quality, efficiency, and adherence to your vision.


Construction estimating

We provide detailed cost estimates, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the budget required for your project.

Specification Creation

Every detail, from materials to finishes, is specified to align with your design and budget.

Construction Administration

Our experienced team monitors all aspects of construction, ensuring that the project is executed according to plan, on time, and within budget.