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Residential architecture

Whether you’re considering a custom-built home, revitalizing a current property through renovations, or expanding with a custom addition, Oztan Studio combines creativity and expertise to exceed your expectations. Begin your journey toward your ideal home today.

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We had a terrific experience with Sam - his expertise and insights on the design and function of our new living space was thoughtful and creative and integrated new materials and solutions in a really relevant and economic way.

Design services

1. Custom Home Design

Design your dream home with Oztan Studio’s bespoke architectural services, tailored to reflect your unique style and needs. Our custom home services allow you to personalize every aspect of your space, from choosing eco-friendly materials to elite luxury finishes.

2. Elite Renovation Services

Transform your existing space into something extraordinary with Oztan Studio’s expert renovation services, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Reimagine your home completely with our visionary team.

3. Custom Home Additions

Expand and enhance your home with Oztan Studio’s custom addition services, seamlessly integrating new spaces that blend perfectly with your existing architecture. Increase the square footage and value of your property with a custom home addition.

Our process

Creating a custom home is an intricate and personal journey. At Oztan Studio, we guide you through each step with expertise and care, ensuring that your dream home reflects your unique style and needs. Here’s how our custom home design process unfolds:

Whether you require one, two, or all three services, we’re here to ensure a smooth, integrated experience.

1. Initial Consultation

Laying the Foundation: Our journey begins with an in-depth consultation at your proposed home site. This step is crucial for understanding your vision for your custom home. We discuss your lifestyle, preferences, and long-term plans. This is not just about us listening but engaging in a conversation that helps us grasp the essence of what you envision for your future home.

Site Analysis: Assessing the site’s conditions is vital for a custom home design. We analyze the terrain, orientation, and other environmental factors that will influence the design of your home.

2. Conceptual Design

Kickstarting the Creative Process: Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll review and sign the design contract. This marks the beginning of a thrilling design journey. We’ll start sketching initial ideas, keeping an open dialogue with you about your wish list, design preferences, styles, and spatial considerations. This phase is all about exploration and imagination, ensuring that every idea is considered.

3. Design Development

Refining Your Dream Home: This phase is where we refine the architectural details. We finalize spatial arrangements, exterior aesthetics, and structural elements. Your feedback is integral as we transform conceptual designs into detailed plans, ensuring that every aspect of the home aligns with your vision.

4. Selection Process

Personalizing Every Detail: The selection process is where your custom home truly becomes yours. Working closely with our trusted vendors, we guide you through selecting interior finishes and essential elements like kitchen layouts, flooring, plumbing, and lighting fixtures. This step requires a time commitment from you, as your choices will define the character and feel of your home and directly impact the pace at which we complete the selection process. We understand the importance of these decisions and provide expert advice to help you navigate this comprehensive selection process.

5. Permitting & Construction

Turning Plans into Reality: With the design and selections finalized, we proceed with acquiring necessary permits. At this point, the bidding of your drawings to eligible contractors should be well underway, and the preparations to start the construction of your home will begin.

Construction Administration: Coordinating with your chosen contractor, we introduce you to your project manager, who will be responsible for monitoring the progress of your project during the construction phases to ensure the contractor is building to code, design specifications, and best practices. This can help ensure your project design is kept on track and stays within budget and on schedule.

6. Welcome Home

The Joy of Completion: The final step is the most exciting—walking through the newly built space you will soon call your home. We ensure that every detail is perfected and that the final product exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to you extends beyond construction; we ensure you are delighted with every aspect of your new home.